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Beyond the Gallery: An Anthology of Visual Encounters

Book Layout Design, Cover Design, Illustration, Print Production


The Ghost of You, is a collection of short stories by Peruvian American academic Margarita Saona. The English translation, originally titled in Spanish La ciudad donde no estás has been given a home at Laberinto Press, an Edmonton based independent publisher.


Publisher - Luciana Erregue, Laberinto Press
Author - Margarita Saona

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“Our press has worked with Cecilia in our two most recent books. Throughout the process, she has been consistent, clear in the steps of the design stages, respectful of deadlines, and very open to the input of both editor and authors. Cecilia has become an essential member of our team. We are working with her on our third book.”

- Luciana Erregue-Sacchi
Director at Laberinto Press